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Hand Massage
Enhancement List

*These can be added to any service and in any combination. $10/each

Hot Himalayan salt stones known for their inflammation-relieving properties, also provide a comforting warmth

Scalp oil treatment formulated for dry scalp, this product aims to soften and moisturize hair. Optimal results are achieved when left in overnight.

Yoga Balm is a natural salve designed to enhance blood flow to affected areas, offering a sensation similar to icy hot while effectively soothing sore and tense muscles.

RAD roller is a Denver-based company that innovatively crafted a self-use tool designed to facilitate deep muscle release.

Cupping provides a deep tissue treatment experience, focusing on releasing fascia, drawing blood to treated areas, and stimulating stagnant chi in the body. The marks left behind are referred to as petechaie.

This massage service is designed to facilitate the release of tension and stress throughout the entire body.

Moderate to gentle pressure.

This massage service emphasizes targeted attention and therapeutic intention to address tension and injuries effectively

Moderate to firm pressure

Treat yourself to this service and experience a touch of indulgence.

Customizable pressure and an enhancement are included.

Embrace self-love.

Live fully in the present.

Design the life you desire.

Create a practical plan to infuse joy, peace, and tangible progress into your everyday life.


Every massage is a CBD massage*

*If requested, an alternative oil is available.

Award-winning VXN Wellness offers full-spectrum CBD oil, providing benefits for pain management, promoting relaxation, enhancing skin hydration, and optimizing the effects of any massage treatment on your body.

This product does contain THC


CBD receptors exist in every significant system within our body, guiding us toward a state of balance and homeostasis


CBD oil forms lasting bonds with our skin cells, providing sustained hydration.


Full spectrum CBD oil works with our nervous system to soothe nerve impluses, resulting in less pain and faster 'rest and digest' response

VXN wellness, CBD, Woman owned and operated
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