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Greetings! I'm Jessica, the heart behind Free Spirit Rose, proudly rooted in the beautiful state of Colorado.

My journey began at Metropolitan State University, where I embraced the warmth of Integrative Health Care, complemented by a minor in Wellness Coaching. Continuing my passion, I furthered my education at Denver Integrative Massage School. Together, these experiences form the essence of my commitment to your well-being.

Jessica Rose, owner, woman owned and operated, female, LMT, Massage therapist

All About Me

I take pleasure in cooking, splashing in rivers, crocheting and listening to audiobooks. I am a proud dog mom to Mahina, my cherished husky. 

My life journey includes overcoming childhood sexual trauma, battling an eating disorder, and navigating through illness. I intimately understand the struggles of those who may be uncomfortable with touch. Massage emerged as a profound avenue for me to appreciate my body's resilience—a gift rather than the battleground I once perceived. This philosophy is the essence of the service I offer. My aspiration is to witness everyone embrace empowerment and self-love.

Creating a secure environment is my priority, born from personal experiences and a commitment to ensuring safety. Venturing into this business is a leap of faith for me, and I'm eager to witness the evolution of this heartfelt endeavor, anticipating the positive impact it will have on others.

Husky, proud dog mom, Mahina, dog smiles
Rose Bush


3090 S. Jamaica Court Suite 211
Aurora, CO 80014



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